Nathanael and Robert

September 8, 2012

Wedding Party


Sweetheart Attendant

I met Tiffany many moons ago.  In fact, we met back in the 1st grade.   I can't really remember a point in my life when Tiffany wasn't in it.  I've had the pleasure of watching her grow into an amazing mother, sister, daughter and best friend.  Our friendship fostered as best friends in high school and most people would say Tiff and I were inseparable.  We've shared a lot of secrets, childhood struggles, disappointments and GREAT memories.   She's always been a person that's encouraged me to be the BEST NATE and has never had a problem with telling me when I'm wrong.  I could never in a million years show my gratitude or appreciation for having such a GREAT BEST FRIEND as Tiffany.  I love her with all my heart and I thank her for always being my rock.... I'm so glad she will be standing beside me as I begin the next step of my life.

I met Devi a few years after moving to New York and I knew at first sight that we'd hit it off.  Although we met at work I knew our friendship would grow far beyond the work place.  Over time our friendship has grown and Devi has become a close friend that I can confide in.  In fact, Devi was the first person I publicly confessed my sexuality to in New York and without a doubt she was very accepting.  I can't begin to explain how she has made my transition to New York delightful.  I'd like to say she's a thin slice of home “Kentucky” in New York.  I'm so glad Mohan will be a part of my special day!

Merphy, Merphy, Merphy.....Where do I begin. I believe we are two peas in a pod!!  I love how we automatically get each other without words!  I remember our first "lunch" like it was yesterday.  We sat down to discuss business.  If it weren't for her, I don't think I would have purchased my first rental property so soon.  She's always had a strong business mind and I've always felt inspired by her eagerness and determination.  I'm so proud of what she's accomplished at such a young age.  We've only known each other for 5 years but I feel like we've been friends all my life.  We've both been through A LOT together and over the years I’ve grown so fond of her.  She's played a major role in Rob and my relationship and I value her friendship sooo much... I'm ecstatic that Merphy will be joining us on Sept 8th.

Kishan Patel... When we first met, I never thought in a million years we would become such close friends.  To be honest, we are complete opposites... lol.  As time progressed, I can honestly say I've never admired a person as much as I admire him.  Although we are complete opposites, he has opened my eyes to things I never imagined or thought was possible.  He has ALWAYS kept me grounded although that can be very hard sometimes.  I can say without a doubt (100%) that I consider him a brother... Even if I don't share the same blood as him, no one will ever be able to tell me any different.  I hope we never let go of the bond we share and I'm so happy to share my wedding date with such an incredible person. I couldn't imagine having my wedding without him being apart of it.

Sweetheart Attendant

Kim (she'd insist that I call her Kimberly) is my best friend and confidant.  We've been friends for over 15 years and still talk everyday for hours.  We went to high school together, but then she left me to serve our country in Iraq.  But when she came back, it was as though nothing had changed.  We are so much a like, but so different at the same time so we keep each other sane.  I'm happy to have her serve as my Sweetheart Attendant. 

I love my sister and I'm happy to have her by my side on the most important day of my life. Although she may not know it, she's more responsible for my personal success than anyone else. Sibling rivalry pushed me to excellence  and she's tough competition.  I'll never admit it, but some would say she's much smarter than me.  We see eye to eye more than we disagree.  Both of our dog's names even start with "Ch"! 

Roxanne, Roxanne, Roxanne.  Roxanne and I were co-workers for 2 years, but ironically didn't become friends until I decided to leave that company.   I've never met anyone like Roxanne.  When we first met, she answered the phone with a starch "Roxanne Belcher." And didn't say "goodbye."  Today, she's an invaluable friend that keeps calling until I answer! ;-) Every day she reminds me to think bigger and to be better.

The always creative and animated Johnny Hume Harris!  Although Johnny and I are technically cousins, we are more like brothers lost at birth.  Growing up we did everything together, waving our homemade flags at EKU football games, leading our family choirs in gospel music and yes, getting in trouble!  Johnny is an invaluable connection to my family and Kentucky roots.  My wedding day would not be complete without him by my side.